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We've discussed the idea of AI-authored open educational resources for some time now, so it's interesting to see what David Wiley does with the idea, now that we're in a world of Stable Diffusion and GPT-4. Here's his vision: "what if, in the future, educators didn't write textbooks at all? What if, instead, we only wrote structured collections of highly crafted prompts? Instead of reading a static textbook in a linear fashion, the learner would use the prompts to interact with a large language model." Now I don't want to be critical... but... why would the teachers write the prompts? It seems to me that if you were going to approach it this way, it would make more sense for educators to create scenarios where students would need to write their own prompts to move forward through whatever challenge is provided (and, structured that way, the scenario could include more than just GPT prompts, but also involve other creative activities).

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