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Awesome GPT-4

Radi Cho, GitHub, Mar 23, 2023

This is "curated list of prompts, tools, and resources regarding the GPT-4 language model," including open source examples and community demos, and product integrations. Related: Bryan Alexander shares a conversation with Ruben Puentedura to explore the implications of large language model artificial intelligence; he adds some other interesting items, including authoring a 300-page text in one day with chatGPT, Microsoft's introduction to Copilot, and the Socratic Tutor system. I also ran across a Marcus Aurelius AI, which is a neat concept. Finally, the usual suspects from the music industry form a coalition to make sure publishers' copyrights aren't violated (but be careful - if new rules are created that apply to computers, including limits to fair use, they will definitely be extended to humans - imagine being told you can't record because your voice sounds too similar to someone else's).

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