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I spent several years on boards of governors, first as a student representative, then later as a union rep. So this article speaks to me, and I can attest to the assertion that "the norms and behaviours expected of governors function like a 'hidden curriculum', which governors are expected to understand without having been taught." The article describes some practices for being an 'effective' representative, for example, getting to know and be mentored by influential members of the board. But my experience is that this only works if you align your politics to theirs. Boards are places where influence is peddled like currencies, and part of a wider network of relations among the well-connected. If you're planning to join that network, great, then follow the instructions in the article. If, like me, you are generally opposed, then instead I would recommend a close reading of Saul Alinsky. Because we can be 'effective' in different ways.

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