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The chatGPT stories seem to come in waves. Here's another wave, focused mostly on applications. Terry Freedman considers whether AI can write course outlines (looks like a 'yes'). Philippa Hardman gives us three major uses of AI in education: teaching assistance, research and report writing, and data analysis, for example, by correcting data used in manufacturing. Coursera's CEO has been using chatGPT to "bang out work emails". Jackie Gerstein links to guides created by educators Torrey Trust, Andrew Herft, and Matt Miller for using ChatGPT in educational settings. MIT's Comparative Media Studies/Writing department offers "advice and responses from faculty on ChatGPT and A.I.-assisted writing." AI is the new UI, says Donald Clark. Or as Dave Cormier predicts, "Starting this year, we're going to be returned a mishmash of all the information that is available on the Internet...The algorithm is going to convert that information to knowledge for me." For example, here's Tim Stahmer's AI-written case against charter schools. Finally, we're seeing tools developed to detect AI-generated text, one developed by a college student and another called Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR).

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