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Researchers (20 page PDF) survey staff and instructors from a wide range of U.S. institutions and find a surprising degree of agreement in the definitions of major terms in the field. Specifically, they find agreement that 'online learning' means "all instruction and interaction is fully online (synchronous or asynchronous)". Meanwhile, 'hybrid learning' means "a blend of online and in-person instruction (online instruction is synchronous or asynchronous)". Additionally, 'hyflex learning' means "means that students can move between online and in-person instruction as they see fit (also referred to as multi-access or co-modal Learning)". 'In-person' means "all instruction takes place in an in-person setting". Meanwhile, 'synchronous learning means "instruction takes place in real-time and requires student presence (in-person or virtual) at a set time". The results allowed the authors to create a revised spectrum of learning modes (illustrated). Via WCET Frontiers.

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