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Normally I don't have many good things to say about the World Bank, but it's hard to find fault with them here, at least at first glance. The 'blow' being described is the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) divesting from New Globe Schools, better known as Bridge International Academies (BIA). BIA has already received funding of more than US$ 100 million. The divestment comes after a series of scandals and complaints, for example (as cited in this article), company's lack of compliance with the rule of law, violations of labour rights, child sexual abuse involving BIA staff and students, and inadequate health and safety measures. These remind me of the case of reesidential schools here in Canada. And as the article says, "Public education, managed and delivered publicly and in the public interest, is the most effective way to build just, inclusive, and sustainable societies, and to meet SDG 4 and human rights commitments."

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