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Honestly, I think it's cheating a bit to make predictions for the year in the last few days of February, but that's what this article does. And reading them, they feel more like predictions of what publications will write about, as opposed to what will actually happen in the field. For example, the idea of the metaverse isn't new and won't actually make great gains in 2022, simply because it's expensive and time-consuming and takes a lot of work to get even minimal results. The discussion of critical race theory, the second concept raised, will continue, but while equity and inclusion are important issues generally, the efforts to suppress discussion of race will again have minimal impact on actual practice, except maybe to raise awareness a little. The great resignation, concept number three, could have a significant impact where teachers are undervalued and underpaid. The same could be said about the idea of pandemic heroes. Will any of these "shape education"? No.

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