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While universities and libraries in Vietnam have embraced open educational resources (OER), this has not resulted in the development of institutional OER repositories (IOER), and this paper (16 page PDF) investigates why, though as it notes in the literature review, "developing IOER requires an initial investment in information and communication technologies (ICT) facilities and infrastructure, services, production costs, policy development, training, and marketing campaigns," which answers the question. The authors conducted "interviews with participants who know about or had participated in the OER movement or IOER development in Vietnam, and while it focuses on the lack of policy in Vietnam, it also finds that economic conditions are a major barrier. Maybe instead of lobbying to have the Vietnamese government and educational institutions pay to create an IOER infrastructure, perhaps it might make more sense to divert OER funding from western institutions to directly pay Vietnamese authors to create OER in their own language, allowing IOER to develop when there's an actual demand for them. Image: Vietnam OER Program.

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