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"Are we in danger of developing a two tier education system - the good stuff for the elite, and job training for the rest?" This system already exists. "The deserving, who have feasted on the light of wonder in university education, now sell an impoverished vision of higher education to the undeserving." The real issues is in whether online learning will entrench such a system, or render it obsolete. Anyhow, in the middle of the article we get to the author's main point, which is to oppose extending the student loan repayment period. "It will further spread the inequality that already exists whereby graduates that earn more pay less over a shorter period whole graduates who earn less pay more over a longer period" thus leading the poorer class to "limit its aspirations to taking degrees that are a direct training for jobs." Yeah, whatever. Not considered are alternative solutions such as addressing income inequality, abolishing fees, or creating more accessible learning resources.

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