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David Wiley says his departure from academia was "most certainly not 'an advancement in career'". Agreed, it was not an advancement in his academic career. But if you look at what he says, it seems clear he feels it was an advancement in every other way:

  • "there wasn't a way to make the next impact I felt I needed to make while staying on that path.. It was about doing work I felt compelled to do"
  • "it was absolutely the right decision. I love working at Lumen."
  • "the impact we're having are more rewarding than I ever imagined they could be."
  • "and WOW am I energized and excited and inspired by the things we're working on now!"

That sounds to me like 'advancement' in every way that matters. And Wiley is quite right that he doesn't need to explain his decision to anyone, let alone "armchair quarterbacks." But my point was - and is - a lament, if you will, that the only way he (and others) see to move forward is to go commercial and obtain VC funding.

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