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It was a striking moment of cognitive dissonance for me. I was at a conference and saw David Wiley - well known as a scholar and professor - sitting behind a booth in the trade show. And I realized there's a perspective where the transition from academic to entrepreneur is an advancement in career. I will probably never understand this way of thinking, but in the Land of Opportunity south of the Canadian border, apparently it holds true.

I say all this by way of introducing Michael Feldstein's announcement of Argos Education (the website is still in 'coming soon' mode). "I walked away from a very comfortable consulting practice during my peak earning years to take on a level of risk and hard work that frankly don't make sense at this stage in my life," he writes, believing " I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an impact." As I say, it's hard for me to comprehend a perspective where you need VC funding in order to make an impact.

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