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I think that overall this is a pretty good report (130 page pdf). It is a response to a 2018 court decision in New Mexico saying the state had to educate its children - all of them. The report notes that New Mexico is on one hand a high-poverty state, and also a very diverse state. "A 'one size fts all' approach simply will not work." It begins with the premise that "states and nations that have improved education efectively have strengthened fve common and fundamental elements of their systems:

  1. Meaningful learning goals, supported by
  2. Knowledgeable and skillful educators,
  3. Integrated student supports, and
  4. High-quality early learning opportunities, all made possible with
  5. Adequate and equitably distributed school funding."

I think this is good so far as it goes, and the report is especially strong on the first two points. It falters a bit with the last three, however, which is unfortunate, as these three are most important for equity. To achieve equity across a state you need a single payer system allocating funding and support where it is most needed, and the report falls far short of recommending that. There's also a summary report (29 page PDF).

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