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I like the commentary more than the news. "Why would FutureLearn be giving away vouchers for sitting Microsoft exams?" asks Graham Attwell. "It could be because the 15 week course costs 584 Euros to enroll.  Much as I like microcredentially, this seems a long way from FutureLearn's past MOOCs free for participation." No kidding. And as he says, " if as the course information claims, 'artificial intelligence skills are frequently listed among the most in-demand workplace skills in the current and future job market, as organisations seek to harness AI to revolutionise their operations' and 'employers are faced with a shortfall of qualified candidates' surely this is an area where public education and trainings services should be providing online course, rather than restricting access to those who can afford to pay for learning new skills." Maybe these employers who need these AI skills could pay for some of these education programs.

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