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This is actually three posts in one. In the first part, Michael Feldstein disagrees with the view that residential education will shrink or disappear post-pandemic, but suggests "we’re going to see a growth in various forms of blended and low-residency educational experiences." In the second part he references Jeffrey R. Young’s Pandemic Campus Diaries podcast series and argues that our understanding of 'cheating' should be redefined, explaining "the web of social learning in residential education is vast and varied (and) largely invisible to professors and administrators." Translation: frats and rez students help each other cheat, so we may as well make this available online to every one else as well. Finally, in the third part he references a presser about Coursera founders Daphne Koller and Dan Avida's new company Engageli's announcement that it has raised $14.5 million in seed funding "to develop a new platform for remote instruction." If anyone would like to invest $14.5 million in me to develop a better online learning platform, just let me know, and we'll talk.

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