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This document (31 page PDF) is part of a UNESCO campaign to ensure girls are able to receive an education during and after the pandemic. The concern is that 11 million girls will be added to the 130 million already being denied an education. The document is intended to help people "influence decision-makers like local counsellors, the government, a board of directors, educators and people who invest in and fund projects" on behalf of these girls. Among other things, the document speaks to the role of distance education and online learning. "For many girls, continuing to learn while schools are closed depends on access to the internet and mobile phones, and having digital skills... If girls have digital skills and access to the  internet it will help them access distance learning materials safely."

Other elements of the campaign include the UNESCO campaign page, a policy brief series starting with this publication, and a series of videos created by the girls impacted by the crisis themselves. See also these publications: A New Era for Girls, Education Cannot Wait, Building Back Equal, and Back to the Books. Via Teachers Without Borders.

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