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This article describes three types of ed tech pundit: "a charismatic stance, a skeptical one, and a practical, 'tinkering' middle way." It's obvious that the third option is the favoured option. Nothing really changes, which is exactly what Chronicle readers want to hear. "In the ed-tech space," writes Justin Reich, "Carnegie Mellon University is the intellectual heart of the tinkerer movement (with) programs like the Open Learning Initiative" (though if you look closely you'll see it is hardly 'open'). In the charismatic stance Reich offers Michael Moe, Vignesh Rajendran and Scott Galloway, and in the skeptical category he places Audrey Watters, Torn Halves and Neil Selwyn. There are of course many more ways to be an ed tech pundit, but most of them wouldn't reassure Chronicle readers at all.

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