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This article makes the case for working in the office instead of at home, and I can easily imagine the same argument made for in-person education. But at the same time, as I read through these reasons, they really sound like an argument asserting that the office is the best place to assert influence and control. True, "our humanity demands human connections and technology only meets part of our need," but the real danger of working from home is that you get human connections from people other than your co-workers - people like your family, neighbourhood, friends. The same with "organizations require collaboration between and across teams" - what they mean is they want you collaborating with coworkers, and not the wider community. The same with purpose, the same with energy, the same with talent, engagement and culture. You can get all of these things outside the office - but the difference is, you do not get them from the office, and that's why managers see risk in people working from home.

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