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As David Wiley remodels his 'Introduction  to Open Education' course he revisits the concept of what counts as 'success'. Here's his take: "In the S3 framework, 'success' means 'completing a course with a final grade that allows the course to count toward graduation.'" But that's only one of the 3 Ss - the others are 'scale' and 'savings'. All three are important, he says. "It is a huge mistake for us to look at 30% graduation rates from US community colleges and say, 'the most important thing we can do is make that abysmal outcome less expensive.'" Well, true. But I would expect OER to address all three factors - and as Wiley says, "There is nothing OER-specific about S3." And while I think there's a loit to recommend Wiley's thinking here, I think there are three elements that are problematic: course, grade, and graduation. I'd prefer to see a model not locked into such an ossified conception of education.

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