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When is an OER an OER?
Koller, Thicke, and Noble: The “Blurred Lines” Between Traditional Online Courses and MOOCs
The Deeper Ethics of Education and Open: Generosity, Care, and Relationships
Stop Saying “High Quality”
An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US Higher Education
Reflections on Open Education and the Path Forward
On Open Accreditation
The FWK Licensing Model
Free College Education, Scale, and Analogies
It Doesn'T Matter Who Gets the Credit
Movies, TV Shows, Songs, and Textbooks
ELearn 2008 Presentation
Intro to Open Education - The Game
ShareAlike, the Public Domain, and Privileging
Arguing About Free and the Future
Open Teaching Multiplies the Benefit but Not the Effort
You Are Replaceable
Re-Writing for Proseminar
Coming Out of Silent Mode
When Innovation Gets Difficult
OpenEd 2008 Submissions and Scholarships!
If Facebook Worked Like Blackboard
10 Years of Open Content
Upgrading Elsevier
Downes and Wiley: Continuing the Conversation
Code as Ideology
Pedagogy-Agnostic Standards and a Much Needed Rant
Students Who Are Tested in a Context Differing Significantly from their Instructional Environment Do Worse
More on Fuchs & Woessmann
A New Hope for
Openness, Radicalism, and Tolerance
Freire, the Matrix, and Scalability
The Learning Objects Literature
OCW Finder
IT Forum Debate on Open Education and Publishing
Understanding the CC License Selection Behavior of Flickr Users
iterating toward openness
Contra NC - Mostly
Open Education License Draft
Openness and the Future of Assessment
California OER Bill Is Now LAW, Baby!
RIP-ping on Learning Objects
My Commission Testimony
On The Inanimate Nature of Learning Objects
About the Open Publication License
As We May Interact?
On Distributed Tools and Mashups
A Better Open Textbook Bill
More On My Dream Open Textbook Bill
A Cry for Help!
On Fully Distributing the Social Network
eduCommons Namespace Problems...
Surman On Philanthrocapitalism
A Learning Objects Literature Review
Opting Out Of Berne
On the (im)Possibility of OER Research
Feeling Out of Place
The End of Theory
Creative Commons Vs MIT OCW: Interpreting the Noncommercial Clause
The Future of OCW, and OCW 2.0
Dark Matter, Dark Reuse, and the Irrational Zeal of a Believer
This Is the Big One!!!! The OER Bill
2005 - 2010: The OpenCourseWars
A New Year'S Copyright Puzzler
Public eduCommons Demo
Welcome to COSL, Brian Lamb!
OERs, Producers, Consumers, and Reuse
Noncommercial Isn'T the Problem, ShareAlike Is
Intro to Open Ed Class - Feedback and Enrolling
Lying About Personalized Learning
Wrapping the Intro to Open Ed Class
Skip Class, Do Better
Come, now...
The LHC and Education
Defining Open
Response to George on Openness
Johansen Dissertation on Sustainability of OCW Available
OCWC Raises $350k – Shouldn't I Be Happy?
The OCWC Value Proposition
Open courseware an ‘opportunity' for education publishers
A Parody of the Future of Education
Improving OER Messaging: A Heresy
MCPS, Pearson, and Missing an Opportunity
Large Collection of My Writings to Date
In response to Amy Kinsel
Lanier in the NYTM
OER Recommender Call for Feedback
Openness: From Sharing to Adopting
Adoption as Linking: A Response to the Stephens
No, Stephen…
The OER Meal Deal
Why Bother Being Open?
Openness, Socialism, and Capitalism
OER, Toothbrushes, and Value
Clarifying My Feeling Toward MOOCs
University Presidents on Irrelevance
Mycorrhizal networks and learning
The Virtuous Middle Way
Openness + Analytics: Khan Academy Follows CMU OLI Toward Next-Gen OER
Walking the Virtuous Middle Way
Introduction to Openness in Education, Winter 2012
Learning Analytics: Time Series Visualization
On Friction and Sharing
Project Management for Instructional Designers
Apple, iBooks Author, and Open Textbooks: RIP K-12 Publishers as We Know Them
Don’t Whine, Compete! Posted on February 18, 2012
2017: RIP, OER?
Thoughts on Conducting Research in MOOCs
Empowerment and Expertise
And So It Begins…
More on Badges and Assessment
Degreed Beta
OER Quality Standards
The Best OER Revise / Remix Ever?
Introduction to Openness in Education, the 2013 Edition
Slow or Sophisticated? Squandered or Sustainable?
From One to Many: OER-based Degree Programs
The CARE Framework
Schrodinger’s OER
Musings on the Economics of Commercial and Open Educational Resources
The Second Power of Open
Of OER and Free Riders
Stereotyping, Behavior, and Belonging in the Open Education Community
The Evolving Economics of Educational Materials and Open Educational Resources: Toward Closer Alignment with the Core Values of Education
Of OER and Platforms: Five Years Later
Of Progress, Problems, and Partnerships
Information Underload and OER Leverage

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