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I'm not sure exactly what Antonio Vantaggiato is saying here, but two messages seem to come through: first, the pivot to online wasn't awful for everybody; and second, his own "immodest best practices: All interaction and course work orbit around the Web hub (for instance, the New Media course, It is a syndicated hub where students' contributions get aggregated from their own blogs. emphasis on word 'own': meaning, the blogs and posts therein are theirs, not the University's nor mine. After it starts, the Machine works seamlessly. " This is roughly my experience with MOOCs as well, and Vantaggiato appears to have had some good role models: "In fact part of what Jim, Brian Lamb, Gardner Campbell, Alan Levine and many more have been preaching is to build some part of one's course as an indie website, out of a process of Instructional Design that does not abdicate the esthetic and visual design to the platform of choice."

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