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The premise of this report is that "Rebuilding our quest for open research on solid, common ground instead of on narrow and fractured ideological ground is both possible and promising. Ample common already ground exists in this community and the need for a common ground approach to address this complex system’s many challenges is compelling." So where is that common ground? There's some suggestion of it 19 pages into the document, but mostly the authors are saying that the right stakeholders need to be brought to the table in order to find that common ground. Fair enough, but I've been around long enough to know that "stakeholder" often means "those who can pay". Finding genuine common ground means finding a way to provide seats at the table for everybody who might have an interest - researchers, students, global south, the general public. That said, this document represents a ton of work in this direction, and it's not to be lightly disregarded.

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