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Ben Williamson argues that "during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, new pandemic power networks have begun to coalesce around claims that edtech is not just disruptive, but in fact palliative." These agencies are driving an agenda, he says, that favours "digital technologies as a solution to a perceived ‘crisis’ of education that pre-dates coronavirus..., private sector technology companies as key providers of educational infrastructure, platforms, apps, content and other services... (and) decentralize education systems (as) connected networks where learning can be conducted across homes, schools and other settings." As I read this my reaction is partially "well what did you expect?" and "most of this is what we want." Sure, I have grave reservations about any desire to privatize the educational system. But I don't see that happening in countries that have strong public education sectors. What I see happening is government moving to support education as a vital public service that needs to be provided to everyone no matter what.

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