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Half an Hour, Oct 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Mahid Abdulkarim at eLearning Africa.

Summary of a talk by Mahid Abdulkarim at eLearning Africa.

I want to tell you a story. We ll learn from stories. I hope it will show why technology means so much for a student like me.

My country, Sudan, went through a revolution. We overthrew a president of 30 years. I got to witness this. The protest started off on a weekly basis - Thursday was protest day. It didn't impact me a lot. But then it became to increase; people would leave work at 1 to protest. Then it because a 24-hour thing. It became dangerous to go to school. This is when e-learning became important.

I managed to finish my subjects by downloading information online. I felt badly for students without internet. They had texts, and it's a lot harder to jst read a text and understand. Then the army shut down all internet providers but one. This created difficulty in access. This creates a problem: how can people access voices. Web sites need to enable easy downloads fo people with limite daccess.

I fled the country and now had access. But the problem was limited support from the school. The school could have introduced interactive learning with a tab that offered access to more resources or help, so the student can choose the one they are most comfortable with.

E-Learning is the future and the future is tomorrow. I want to ensure a better future for everyone, somewhere where we aren't so dependent on our teachers, so we can create a better education
for ourselves. This impacts everybody.

It is why what we've doing maters. It's like my teachers said to me: you're making progress. Keep up the good work,


- Mahid Abdulkarim at eLearning Africa., Feb 13, 2020
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