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A long time ago (a long time ago) there was this concept of the 'triad model', whereby a student studied at a remote institution while being hosted by a local learning centre. I wrote about it here, borrowing the term 'host-provider framework' from somewhere, and using my experiences supporting Athabasca University courses offered through vocational colleges in northern Alberta as a model. This model has never really disappeared, and we see it (sort of) revived with this article. The difference is that the name has been modernized ('micro-campus') and (in the case of this article at least) the learning centre offers courses from only one university (why?) and is located on some other university campus (why?). I can still forsee a role for local learning centres, offering access to support and coaching, the use of tools (such as a hololens or 3D printer) that students can't afford, and proving meeting space and project rooms.

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