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The first four 'ages' ae defined by Winn (2002) (21 page PDF) as the studies of instructional design, message design, simulation/interaction design, and (the new) learning environment design. The 'fifth age' is proposed by Jameson (2013) (27 page PDF) and is the focus on "more critical, selective, strategic e‐leadership approaches to the adoption and use of educational technology." This paper is an update of that 'fifth age' and is "an exploratory review of the literature for the period 2103-2017." The result is a pretty good paper on work in educational technology management. The individual paper summaries are well worth a read, as are the findings (the last two paragraphs before 'Recommendations'), one of which points to "the application of tools and methods from the business world," which I would say characterizes this paper as a whole.

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