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"E-textiles, or electronic textiles, refer to 'fabric artifacts that include embedded computers and other electronics'." E-textile programs are now be implemented in some Ontario schools. It's a pretty new part of e-learning, though research dates back to 2012 or so. The authors report (29 page PDF) that e-textiles have been associated with the rise of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning in schools. Anyhow, the focus of the current article is on the "production pedagogies" employed in the field, "a focus on the cultivation of participatory and equitable spaces, where students can engage with ideas and issues as joint seekers and co-creators of knowledge and producers." The study is a design-based research project working alongside students in e-textile projects. They conclude that "choice, collaboration, and making for purpose are three vital elements that promote engagement and deep learning." Good paper. Image: Steve Auslander, Exploring e-Textiles in Indiana.

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