Facebook Only Cares About Facebook

Ethan Zuckerman, The Atlantic, Jan 29, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a good article with a poor title. The overall gist is that it is Facebook, and not the user, that controls the algorithm. So whether or not changes to the algorithm eliminate fake news (spoiler: they won't) there isn't really anything the user can do about it. Enter a "provocation" created by Zuckerman and colleagues:  gobo.social, a customizable news aggregator. It allows you to customize your newsfeed from Facebook and Twitter. I tried it out; the Twitter authentication failed but Facebook worked. Howver, "Facebook only allows us to show you Facebook Pages (the pages that are being de-prioritized in the News Feed changes), not posts from your friends, crippling its functionality as a social-network aggregator." 

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