Online Markdown Converter For Open Educational Resources

George Williams, Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan 03, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The story here (buried in the third and last paragraph of this short article) is that "the University of Oklahoma Libraries has made available a Pandoc-based, web-hosted, open-source Markdown Converter." The idea behind 'markdown' is that it's a way of writing text that can be formatten (into bold, paragraphs, lists, etc) without the use of computing code (like HTML or the languages used to define PDFs and MS-Word documents). It makes entering text into (some) web-based forms a lot easier. That's it. Meanwhile, I'm wondering why the author refers to Lincoln, Ryan and Konrad only by their first names while Alex Gil gets the full first-and-last name treatment. (Update: figured it out: Lincoln, Ryan and Konrad are regular Chronicle bloggers, while Alex Gil is not.)

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