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"Mobile learning still requires the theories, methodologies, and practices of its own as a field," write the authors. "We also see a need for mobile learning to be conceptualised around ever-changing learning affordances and educational settings, rather than focusing on static structures such as content-delivery approaches, while embedding it within the scholarship of technology enhanced learning." All of which makes sense to me. The context is a literature review in a New Zealand project "targeting the origins, developments, and current state of the art in mobile learning across disciplines and educational sectors." The best quote from the report is from "Parsons (2014), who also recounts the key themes in mobile learning research over the past 20 years, concludes that '[T]he message from the timeline for current researchers is to cast their eye beyond current technology and practice and imagine the potential opportunities for the mobile learning that are not yet even possible or practical.'" Image: Paradiso.

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