How do Saudi youth engage with social media?

igel Stanger, Noorah Alnaghaimshi, Erika Pearson, First Monday, May 02, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting paper that reminds us (not that we should need reminding) that online behaviour can vary widely from culture. This report, which strikes me as fair-minded and relevant, makes the case by showing how Saudi Arabian youth use social media. "Saudis tend to respond better to social and online media messages addressed to the group, or to group leaders in the hierarchy, rather than to individuals. Saudis, including social media users, will also be strongly swayed by the opinions and instructions of those higher in the social power structure. Furthermore, online messages and content targeted at Saudi culture should refrain from imagery and content, such as photographs of women, that may be at odds with both cultural norms and personal interpretations of haya or 'shyness'."

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