Effects of Group Awareness and Self-Regulation Level on Online Learning Behaviors

Jian-Wei Lin, Yu-Chin Szu, Ching-Neng La, The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, Jul 09, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Group awareness and self-regulation separately influence student learning, write the authors, but how well do they work together? Specifically, how do they influence assessment, participation and peer interaction? That's the focus of this study. In a nutshell, the two working together increase task completion and requests for help, but not whether people respond, which seems to be governed solely by group awareness, and not influenced by self-regulation. But of course all sorts of other things might have played a role, as they admit in their conclusion; for example, the quality of the requests for help may have mattered. As usual, I caution that the numbers involved are so small that no generalizations can be drawn from this data; the paper is relevant only for the questions it asks and the experimental design. More from the current issue of IRRODL.

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