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One of the comments to this article suggests that it isn't news that a college system is having trouble converting from a home-grown to a PeopleSoft administrative software system. Maybe it isn't. I remember when I was at Assibinoine Community College in the 1990s we made the switch to (as I recall) Banner (now merged with its competitor Colleague to become Ellucian). But the commentary around the move is always interesting. "The transition was not only motivated by the age of the software, the system's desire to support initiatives such as analytics and competency-based education, and the need to boost information security, but also by a need to "speak with one voice" as a system." And, again in the comments, "The real value of enterprise software is that it forces a total re-engineering of those arcane and archaic process that we so dearly love... No one wants to abandon their customized data, "stovepiped" and personal, for a data dictionary that means the same thing to all users." Image: PeopleSoft.

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