Plurality, partnership and pellucidity – the three ‘p’s of open access monograph publishing

Caren Milloy, Eccos Revista Científica, Jan 28, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This strategy outlined in this article is much like the use of the word 'pellucidity' - it may have seemed like a good time to all concerned, but nobody really knew what the objective is, and there was a much simpler way to go about it. If you want open access monographs, the answer is actually fairly straightforward: give people a place to publish them openly, and if necessary (though why it should be necessary I don't know) provide incentives for academics to upload academic publications there. The gyrations and contortions of the publishing empire are not required, and if we eliminate sector most likely to obfuscate the discussion, we remove the critical need to ensure pellucidity.

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