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If you are interested in the business of education technology (ed tech) it would be had to do better than Audrey Watters's year end report (which is probably just as good as the ones you have to pay $5000 for). Going against the grain, she argues (and makes the case) that 2015 was the biggest year so far for investment in the sector. And she shows her data. "What's popular among investors?" she asks. "Test prep. Tutoring. Private student loans. Learning management systems. Online 'skills training.'" She also looks at the role of foundations in the sector, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and even the utter failures. She also looks at business ethics in the sector. She cites William Cohan: "Should the smart-money crowd be held accountable for the harm caused to people who use the products and services created with the money that springs from their coffers?"

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