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Sure, some say "when the MOOC is Over, turn out the lights…" And yes, the phenomenon of MOOC as buzzword will pass. But the phenomenon that is more durable, if less hyped (and definitely less well financed) is open online learning. MOOCs (as defined by rich people from Stanford) are very well funded: "three startups probably most closely associated with the MOOC craze – Udacity, Coursera, and Udemy. These three have now raised $160 million, $146.1 million, and $113 million respectively." But massive open online learning - as pioneered by not-rich people from Canada - received very little (if any financing). But when we look back on this era, it won't be the day-to-day miscellanea we are reading about today. It will be about that time when formerly expensive educational materials became available to everyone.

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