MOOCs and Learning Sciences: Where we have been. Where we are going

George Siemens, Jun 13, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Skides from George Siemens for the Scandanavian MOOC conference. While there are some elements from his recent study, I'm seeing also a sharper, more critical Siemens. This is good. Starting with slide 31, a nice diagram mapping five models of change, Siemens points out to the "audience that higher education has ignored to date." Skip to slide 36 and the framework for understanding future technology infrastructure. The elements: control, ownership, integration, structure. A model on slides 54 and 55. Maybe Siemens is building some ideas here. I'd be interested to see him build the tech to try it out. Siemens also mentions his 2008 ITForum paper. It's interesting to compare this with my IT Forum paper from around the same time. Similarities and differences, both of us on the same track, but seeing things a bit differently.

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