(E-)learning strategy for the future

Teemu Leinonen, FLOSSE Posse, Jun 04, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It shows that even the best can learn. Teemu Leinonen writes, by email, "In Finland we are in a middle of redesigning the national educational system. It is happening in all levels, from schools to Universities. I am somehow involved in this and wrote some ideas about it in my blog. Some international media has wrote about the school reform emphasizing "phenomenon learning", instead of tradition academic school subjects. Here: The Independent, EdWeek, The Conversation." I love the 'three points' for learning (do not select just one way of learning, do it all online, get rid of stupid things). Leionen comments, "The hardest part is to get rid of the old: the long tradition of teaching and learning from the times when information was a scarcity and finding a place for everyone in an industrial society was one of the main reason to have an educational system."

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