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(E-)learning strategy for the future
Comparing Schools in Finland and in the United States
PC Is Not a Good Educator
Future of FLOSS in education: Interview with Alan Levine
Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Knut Yrvin
Future of FLOSSE: Interview with George Siemens
Results of future of FLOSSE
Learning Objects – Is the King Naked?
(Critical) History of ICT in Education - And Where We Are Heading?
Infrastructure of Sharing in the Commons
State of Finnish eLearning
Wikiversity - Time to Vote
No e-Learning Patents! No Software Patents!
The $100 Laptop: Manna-vaporware
Anticipating Round 2: European Software Patents
Urinal as a Learning Object
Libre Educational Resources and Libre Universities âx" Should We Redefine What is An University?
(Learning) Nodes are Here - Still and Again
Thriftiness is a Virtue - in Learning and Education, As Well
Demonstration of Learning Object Templates
The EU is After Us Again
Networked Groups
Blogs, Wikis and Knowledge
FlashMeeting - the YouTube of Videoconferencing?
Mobiles, Micro Content and Personal Learning Environment
Do Not Localize - Make Your Own
New LeMill Version (1.13) Released
Networked Learning in a Networked World
(Free, libre and) open education needs humanities
EduFeedr – to handle your open online courses
Finland and education export: IKEA of schools?
No PLEs, but informal learning in Real World communities
Imagine courses that take place in wikis, blogs, social networks…
New LeMill 3.0 beta: the best OER (wiki) repository ever
Designing Learning Tools - Introduction to Some Methodological Thoughts
Education in Shanghai (and Finland): Open Tracks and Diversity
Children learning by themselves and progressive inquiry
Back to school: new technologies, more advantage communities ?
TeamUp: a soft launch
Aakash $35 tablet: pedagogical affordances and investment advice
The Wisdom of Motivated Crowds
Qualified Self and Learning Analytics: from Quantification to Qualification
How (online) learning could be knowledge building?

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