Why so many questions?

Jon Dron, The Landing, Jun 02, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jon Dron looks at some of the motivations behind the creation of the 'Student Success Centre' (SSC) at Athabasca University, a "multi-million dollar investment in a student relationship management system." One might question the wisdom of building such a thing at all, but one fact caught Dron's attention: "Part of the justification for the SSC is that an alleged 80% of current interactions with students are about administrative rather than academic issues." I have to agree with that: that is weird. "If it is true that only 20% of interactions are currently concerned with academic issues, that is a big reason for concern, because it means our students are missing out on an incredibly rich set of opportunities in which they can help one another as well as interact with tutors." To say the least!

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