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Evgeny Morozov reviews The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, by Nicholas Carr. he writes, "Carr firmly believes that our embrace of automation comes from confusion, infatuation, or laziness—rather than, say, necessity. 'The trouble with automation,' he explains, 'is that it often gives us what we don’t need at the cost of what we do.'" All very well, but what point does such criticism serve, asks Morozov. "All Carr can do is moralize and blame those who have opted for some form of automation for not being able to see where it ultimately leads us... (this) lack of ambition is itself a testament to the sad state of politics today." As Morozov says, if you want to be popular, you can't do deep criticism, and so all we get are shallow analyses. Now some of us (I point to myself here) think we do offer a deep analysis - but then, of course, we don't (and never will) write for the popular press. Society, heal thyself. Via ICT4D Jester.

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