Ed-Tech's Monsters #ALTC

Audrey Watters, Universities Canada, Sept 04, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Audrey Watters is a gifted writer with a unique perspective that allows her to give an insightful talk about educational technology without really mentioning educational technology at all. Witness: "Ed-tech now, particularly that which is intertwined with venture capital, is boosted by a powerful forms of storytelling: a disruptive innovation mythology, entrepreneurs' hagiography, design fiction, fantasy." In this talk, she explores one stand of these fantasies, the interaction between monsters and men. And she raises the question of whether we are wrong not because we made our monsters but because we failed to love them? "My nod to the Luddites or to Frankenstein," she writes, "isn’t about rejecting technology; but it is about rejecting exploitation. It is about rejecting an uncritical and unexamined belief in progress. The problem isn’t that science gives us monsters, it's that we have pretended like it is truth and divorced from responsibility, from love, from politics, from care." See also: David Hopkins

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