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Just to note this, so we don't miss it: "Richard C. Levin, the new chief executive of Coursera [says] the talk of "flipped classrooms" and "blended learning" — weaving MOOCs into classroom experiences — is not mere hype. 'But that is not the big picture,' Levin said in a visit last week to The Washington Post. 'The big picture is this magnifies the reach of universities by two or three orders of magnitude.'" Feldstein comments (cynically?) "It is possible that Levin's focus will indirectly improve the learning potential of Coursera's products and services, but it is worth noting a significant change in focus from the largest MOOC provider." See also the Chronicle's coverage of the same announcement; "esearchers at Columbia University published a paper noting that many university stakeholders are unclear about why they are investing in MOOCs." Related: the value of MOOCs to early adopter universities, EDUCAUSE Review.

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