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Lynn Russo Whylly, Feb 18, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Short interview with Rice University's Richard G. Baraniuk, now Rice’s director of the Connexions and OpenStax initiatives. Rice hasn't been in the press much recently in this era of massive open online learning, but the Rice projects played an imporetant early role in the provision of open learning resources, and its authoring system was a significant step forward enabling the development of these resources (in my own mind, I place it alongside Simon Fraser University's Public Knowledge Project, which created open journal, open conference, and open harvesting systems. Connexions dates from 1999, hence long predating MOOCs and even predating MIT's OpenCourseWare project, which was announced in 2002. (You can find dozens of references to Connexions dating back to 2002 in OLDaily.)

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