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The most recent issue of e_learning Papers has been posted on the European Commission Open Education Europa portal and it focuses on a topic of interest to me, personal learning environments (PLEs). There's quite a lot to read in this issue, including a paper, Developing a framework for research on Personal Learning Environments, by my colleagues Rita Kop and Hélène Fournier. From the forward to the issue, as quoted in this post: "More of an approach or strategy than a specific learning platform, a PLE is created by learners in the process of designing and organising their own learning, as opposed to following pre-arranged learning paths. In this way, PLEs are distinctly learner-centred and foster autonomous learning. PLEs are by no means isolated; they are interconnected in a digital ecosystem of media, tools and services." If MOOCs are one side of the open learning coin, this is the other side.

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