Hack Education Weekly News: Students "Hack" Their iPads, the MacArthur Genius Grants, and More

Audrey Watters, Universities Canada, Sept 27, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Audrey Watters reports on a couple of stories this week describing how students were able to adapt their school-issued iPads to enable them to surf the web (it's described as a 'hack' - but I refuse to characterize "deleting their personal profiles" as a "hack"). The underlyimng message in these stories is that the iPads are beeing locked down with publisher content (amking them nothing more than really overpriced reading devices). LAUSD officials are mulling a number of responses: “One would limit the tablets, when taken home, to curricular materials from the Pearson corporation, which are already installed. All other applications and Internet access would be turned off.” *sigh* In other news: the usual guns, politics and genius grants.

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