REPLY to The MOOC Racket: Widespread online-only higher ed will be disastrous for students—and most professors

Rory McGreal, Aug 02, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Rory McGreal shhreds Jonathon Ree's criticism of MOOCs. His first comment:

"JR> MOOCs possess the magical power to turn some of the smartest people in academia into followers of a faith-based cult because they want to become its idols.

RMc>Rather than the MOOC supporters, thecsmartest people would be those defending their cult-based faith in a creationist view of universities, who are opposed to any consideration of educational evolution whether in the form of MOOCs or any other change from what they perceive to be the god-given approach to teaching and a possible threat to their privileged position." And the point by point refutation continues..."

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