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Refactoring Coursera

Mike Caulfield, May 31, 2013

Now that we've had a year or so of 'disruptive technology' from the likes of Coursera, writes Mike Caulfield, it's time to take stock. The original premise of Coursera was massive enrollment, elite professors, streamlined technology, and open admission. And now? "Massive doesn’t matter, the elite lure will fade under remix and collaboration, publishers have better content and more mature production processes, LMS’s do platforms better, and Open Educational Resources provide the more useful kind of open." So what is Coursera? Just another educational publisher. And "the fake discussion we’ve been having about Coursera’s blue-sky “disruptive” business model and its fit with education can now move to a real discussion about the impact of Coursera’s actual business model." More on Coursera's business model from Michael Feldstein. And more from Micke Caulfield on Coursera as provider of courseware. Also, Martin Weller on MOOC vendors adopting such forward-looking modwls as 'hybrid innovation', on-campus MOOCs, etc. Maybe now they can give us back the term 'MOOC' and let us get on with our work.

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