Reading McLuhan’s Understanding Media: Join Me! (#umrg)

Hans de Zwart, Scripting News, Ruud de Moor Centrum, International Conference on Information Systems, Education Next, Mar 04, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I like this kind of project. I don't know if I can participate (and if it doesn't come in the form of email reminders I most likely won't) but it's definitely worth sharing. "We will read Understanding Media in 10 weeks (from March 18th till May 27th, less than 50 pages a week). Every week will have the same rhythm:

  • We read a specific part of the book for that week
  • Two people will write a summary for that part and will ask a set of questions about the text (every Friday)
  • We have a virtual event (using Blackboard Collaborate) to discuss the questions (every Monday)"
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