Postscript to “This Time Is Different: Enrollment and Employment Divergence”

Phil Hill, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Dec 12, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Phil Hill updates his post from yeasterday, responding to comments from myself and Thomas Warger. In particular, he addresses my remark that "the apparent spike in enrollments is created by a lot of part-time and online learning" by adding full-time enrollments to his chart, which shows the same spike. He writes, "There are tremendous macro-economic stresses being placed on the higher education system due to the large increase in number of enrolled degree-seeking students without a corresponding large increase in the number of jobs available." He adds that "The effect of these macro-economic forces should force the system to come up with new, lower-cost, and more-flexible options for people seeking degrees." But more, he writes, the system has passed beyond the point of predicability. "I suspect we are seeing non-linear effects. We are leaving the previous status quo, and we are in transition to a new, unknown status quo."

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