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WWW-based online education turns 20 this summer
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Federal Reserve Board backs up e-Literate in criticism of Brookings report on student debt
D2L raises $85 million but growth claims defy logic
Promising Research Results On Specific Forms Of Adaptive Learning / ITS
New LMS Market Data: Edutechnica provides one-year update
LISTedTECH: New wiki site and great visualizations
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No Discernible Growth in US Higher Ed Online Learning
Rutgers and ProctorTrack Fiasco: Impact of listening to regulations but not to students
Interesting Comment on Pearson’s LMS Plans From Customer
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An Example Why LMS Should Not Be Only Part of Learning Ecosystem
U of Phoenix: Losing hundreds of millions of dollars on adaptive-learning LMS bet
Interview With Martin Dougiamas On Changes To Moodle Community This Year
The University As Ed Tech Startup: UMUC, Global Campus, Texas, and SNHU roll their own
Cracks In The Foundation Of Disruptive Innovation
LMS Market Updates, Dec 2015
The Massive Decline In Larger Education Company Market Caps
LearningStudio and OpenClass End-Of-Life: Pearson is getting out of LMS market
Contrasting LMS Adoption Patterns in Four English-Speaking Countries
Emerging Trends in LMS / Ed Tech Market
Emerging Trends in LMS / Ed Tech Market
New Mentality Entering LMS Market
Educational Publishers Appear to be Supporting SOPA
LoudCloud Systems Announces Adaptive LMS General Release
Farewell to the Enterprise LMS, Greetings to the Learning Platform
Great Title, Flawed Post – Khan Academy Enables Out-of-the-Box Approaches
The Emerging Landscape of Educational Delivery Models
MOOCs: Two Different Approaches to Scale, Access and Experimentation
Four Barriers That MOOCs Must Overcome To Build a Sustainable Model
Babson Report on OER in US Higher Education
Initial Thoughts on McGraw-Hill Education Acquisition
This Time Is Different: US Enrollment and Employment Divergence
Postscript to “This Time Is Different: Enrollment and Employment Divergence”
MOOCs in 2012: Dismantling the Status Quo
UF Online’s New Corporate Partner: Discover Financial joins Walmart with Online Education benefit
D2L Bets on The Cloud and Advances in User Experience
Previous LMS For Schools Moving to Canvas in US and Canada
Scriba Disaster: Sakai-based LMS for UC Davis is down with no plans for recovery
Update on UC Davis LMS Fiasco: Finishing the term with two partial systems
Coursera: The pivot to corporate learning becomes clear
Online Program Management: An updated view of the market landscape
OSU Panel Discussion: Faculty experience with adaptive learning for Intro to Psychology course
Ellucian Stops Support for Brainstorm, its CBE platform
Recommended Reading: CBE platforms represent a truly niche market
Whither Moodle?
Cengage OpenNow: Big news on the OER front hiding in plain sight
OER Survey and Adoption Growth: It pays to check source material
Why Instructure’s News Matters: Big Tech
Private Equity Firm Thoma Bravo to Acquire Instructure for $2 Billion
Insights From Instructure Preliminary Proxy Statement
7 Things You Should Know About Online Program Management
Calbright College: There’s a reason so few survive the Essentials course
What do college students actually spend on course materials
Instructure Files IPO Paperwork to Go Public . . . Again
The End of Blackboard as a Standalone EdTech Company
Notes on FutureU Podast “Explained: What is an OPM?”
Additional Points on 2U's Acquisition of edX
State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Year-End 2021 Edition
The Market Fall of EdTech Will Have Non-Financial Impacts
About the Class Technologies Acquisition of Blackboard Collaborate
The Post-Covid New Normal is Looking Bipolar
Byju’s Makes Its Move to Acquire 2U
OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics: Summer 2022 updates
The End of the Road for Edmodo: Egypt, via China
The Gates Foundation Messaging Machine
Our Relevant History With The Gates Foundation

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